We got the joint marketing pacakge and use it as a reference for all our marketing needs

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Internet Marketing

Search engine marketing is imperative if your products/services already exist in the marketing and your customers are actively searching for them. But online marketing is about all the different entrances to your site, whether it's through search partnerships, affiliates, social media or ads.

Keywords That Convert

Every searh engine optimisation company will tell you that they can get you to the top of Google. But, for what keyword? It's no good just seeing what your competitors rank at the top for, because they could be targeting the wrong keywords. Our marketing plans will be able to tell you what keywords people actively search for, and which ones will convert your traffic into sales.

Advertising and Social Media

The keywords you target, the landing pages you use, the time of day you advertise on and the keywords you choose not to target, all have an affect on your advertising budgets on search engines and social media platforms. Analysing potential for ROI on Social Media, even helping you find niche social networks to go on, that's what we do.

Partnerships for Growth

Developing partnerships with indirect competitors can add many benefits to your business from link juice to qualfied referrals. As part of your marketing plan we'll research and guide you on who to approach and how.

Outdoor Marketing

What if there were no search engines, how would you market yourself then? Our outdoor marketing plans cover everything from traditional marketing to getting your products into shops. We'll also include bespoke ideas - made specifically with your brand in mind.


Awards are a really good way to get some free PR and recongition for your brand/sevices in magazines. Your marketing Plan will list selected awards we think you should enter and even give you a schedule of when each award is open for entries, so all you need to do is follow your calender, enter your company, and reap the PR benefits.

Getting Into Shops

If you want to see your product on the highstreet then at some point you are going to have to contract a buyer. We'll create a list of contacts specific to your product/industry and advise you on how to reach to them and encourage them to trial your product. Finally we help you market your products so that the shops will want to keep restocking them.

Local Advertising

Never underestimate the power of the local market. Local newspapers, support groups and customer targeting can be key to getting your business to the next level.

Marketing Plan Success Stories

Well, you wouldn't want to get marketing advice from a company who didn't market themselves properlly! And the evidence of our marketing strategy working is that you are here, reading this.


Starting fro scratch, LMI comissioned us to write their marketing plans for both offline and online usage before they even had a website or a logo. With our help they created a highly usable, highly searchable database, a radio adver and campagin that has reached 15 million people without breaking their budget and are now 6000 premium subscribers strong in their first 3 months. We wrote them a two year plan, so you can expect to see a lot more from them soon.

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